5 Bodies 1.6

Supreme Body

Supreme body with Antahkarana cord i.e. bridge of Light ?

The Seventh and last Body is Supreme Body which connects us to Our Supreme Being which we possess all the time from starting. This Body is also known as The Monadic Spark which is a ray of the pure, Universal Spiritual Flame. This Supreme Body that is the last or 5th Body among us represents 9th Chakra of Atmic Body, which connects us to our Supreme Being. We are connected to Supreme Being all the Time, but we don't feel/realize it that he always there for us, just believe that I am alone and no one is there to help us in the time of need. Most people don't even know of their Soul and connection to there Higher Soul then what will be the point of realizing the connection to Supreme Being. There is the Cord which is important of all known as Antahkarana meaning Bridge of Light, which connect human body above 8th chakra at 1st part of 9th chakra and below 1st chakra at 2nd part of 9th chakra, this both part of 9th chakra is one but represent opposite pole of on chakra which connects us to Supreme Being. It connects Incarnated soul to Higher Soul which latter connects to Supreme Being. For connection of Higher Soul and Incarnated Soul, Spiritual Cord is used and for connecting it to Supreme Being, Antahkarana Cord is used. Antahkarana Cord has to be rebuilt in every incarnation but those who have built it in a previous incarnation will be able to rebuild it faster and easier compared to those who are just starting. It represents the point 1 inch above our hands when we connect both of them, it is like the outermost and patent covering of our self. Realizing this body is like getting relieved from all desires in oneself.

Thanks for Reading, this was the last topic in my list of 5 Bodies, kindly Donate a minimum of any Spiritual Book costs if you felt like you learned anything, I will be using the extra amount for the welfare of Being who is lost in the search of his Destiny. Best wishes.

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