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Physical Body

Physical body with Physical seed in Heart ?

It is the first and primordial body of our-self which we can see by our naked eye. It is the observable collection of Matter which is in the form of molecules, cell, organs, and tissue performing function like, grasping(hands), movement(legs), speaking(throat), eating and excretion(digestive organ), sex and reproduction(genitals), etc. This Physical Body is formed by fertilization of Male Sperm and Female Ova, it is the combination of traits form by our Parents, So spiritually it take around 25-30 years to realize basically who we are and what we are destined to , most of the Being are not able to come out of this delusion whole Life. From childhood whatever we Eat becomes our Physical Body. Because of this Physical body, we are able to perform tasks which is incomparable to any Living Being. According to mechanics, the Physical body is a collection of Matter having attributes like mass, velocity, momentum, gravity, and Energy. The Physical Body also provides steadiness, which forms the foundation for all of the other bodies, that includes Astral/Emotional body, Mental body, Soul/Higher body, and Supreme Body. There are 5 sensory organs in Physical body having perceptions of touch, taste, sight, sound and smell limited to all 3 states of Matter. It is admitted by neuroscientists that the Physical brain is not an origin of experiences, it is a tandem exchange, transferring Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual events into a neurochemical episode and later stored in the form of information. It is also proved that solid Physical Matter is just the solidified Energy and hence to be said that Physical brain is Mind is wrong, as it is the form of Energy making its appearance in the form of the Mental body. Similarly, all states of Consciousness/Bodies exist independent of the Physical Body.

This Physical Body can be strengthened and maintained by the practice of Exercise, Healthy Eating, Yoga, and Sound Sleep. The base of this Body is formed by the Blood system in the form of Arteries and Vein which provide Food, Water, and Nutrient to our Physical Body, (from which Lymph oozes out which forms Astral or Emotional Body providing Food, Water, and Nutrient to Emotional body will be discussed in the next topic ). To heal our physical body in present Allopathy is the best medium to help.

There is a Physical Permanent Seed which is present in the physical heart. This is the seed which contains the blueprint of the physical body. This Physical Permanent seed gives life to the physical body. Once the soul's energy is withdrawn from the physical permanent seed, the body dies. A great Guru can look in his Seed of Life and alter his Body functioning.

I am showing the connection between our Hand to the Bodies we possess as God/Natural Selection provided every minor detail of our existence within us, it is just the vision/sense that we can see/feel it. What I explained in this site, basically I learned it from reading my Hands, which I did consistently and even know I continue to learn from my Hands. Right and Left-Hand forms Right and Left side of any Body and any of the two Hand represent 5 types of Bodies by 5 fingers & palm in one Hand. First one is Physical Body, related to Thumb of hand, which is opposable referring to the flexibility of our Physical Body, there can't be any other finger in our hand which resembles the unique nature of our Physical Body. It is nurtured by the Blood vessels in our Body.

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