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e) Lines On Palm - Thin and Deep Lines are best while broad and shallow Lines are considered to be Defective. If the Line extends beyond the Cross, that obstacle is removed. If after a Cross, a Line becomes dim or stops, the obstacle becomes more serious. If there is an island on a line, it tends to destroy its effect. If there is a Square with a negative Sign it destroys the Negative features. If a Line gets Forked, then the part of the fork is deeper has an effect similar to the Main Line and the shallow part of the fork should be treated as Line of Influence.

* Three Main Line -
1) The Life Line - It indicates the capacity of the muscular body of a Person. It can start from either of three-point, first is from the Mount of Jupiter in which case he will be Ambitious, secondly is from between Mount of Jupiter and Aggressive Mars in which case he will be Balanced, and thirdly is from Aggressive mars in which case he will be aggressive in behavior. A defective Line means a broken line; one which has a chain or is wavy or has an island on it, or deep at one place and faint on others or are composed of many pieces. A person might lose his health in his lifetime which is indicated by the above faults in the Lifeline.

2) The Head Line - It gives the indication about the level of a Person's brain. It is most important among the mainline. A thin, deep and clear headline which is long, indicates a good memory and an excellent mind or there will be a deficiency in mind. It can also start either of the 3 points, first from the base of the mount of Jupiter in which case he has the great capacity for work, secondly a point between the mount of Jupiter and the Aggressive Mars or thirdly from the Aggressive Mars and it can terminate in one of the following places includes, first Defensive Mars in which case the person will be having the presence of Common Sense, Secondly through Defensive Mars and inclined towards the Mount of Moon in which case person will be having a combination of Common Sense and Imagination, or thirdly towards the Mount of Moon in which case person will be having strong imagination. A person whose Head Line is away from the Life Line will generally speak his own way. If the Head Line and the Lifeline originate as a single line and after a short distance separate to go in their natural directions, it indicates a person without any self-confidence during childhood and when the headline separates from the LifeLine, his self-confidence returns.

3) The Heart Line - It gives the indication of a Person's Emotional level. it can start either of the 4 points, first is the third phalange of the index finger in which case person is likely to be hypersensitive, secondly from the Mount of Jupiter in which case person is likely to have more goodwill than love, thirdly if it starts from a point between the Mounts of Jupiter and Saturn take a practical outlook in matters of affection, or fourthly it originates from the base of the middle finger or the mount of Saturn, the emotion of love and human sympathy is weak. If the line is broken or is full of chains, it indicates that emotional shocks afflict the heart of that person. A long Heart Line, which is thin but deep, is considered to be the best. Such persons have healthy hearts. They Have the required amount of affection, love, and human sympathy. If the line is wide and shallow, the emotions of the person may be either weak or strong. The point at which this line terminates lies between the Mount of Mercury and the Defensive Mars.

* Line of Saturn - It is generally called the Line of Fate. This line indicates the amount of money or property a person is likely to possess and also his prospects in business or employment. The line of Saturn can be originated from either of the 4 points, first The Wrist most auspicious, secondly from the Mount of Moon which indicated a desire for worldly goods and also the aspiration to be accepted by one's peers, thirdly from the lifeline which indicates that the man's fate in the earlier part of his life is bound with his family, his own identity manifests when he got separated from his family, or fourthly from the Mount of Venus which indicates that the person was burdened with family responsibilities in the earlier part of his life and when line separates that was the time when he got free from those responsibilities. If the line of Saturn stops at the Heartline, it indicates an obstacle to a person's good fortune because of some impulsive action taken earlier.

* Line Of Sun - It is called the Line of Learning and Success. This line is a mirror of the success of a person's endeavors. The line of Sun can be originated from many places which include, firstly originating from the Mount of Moon in which case person will succeed with the cooperation and help from others, secondly, if it originates from Line of Saturn it indicates success in making money in employment or in business, thirdly if it is originating from Life Line indicates success through a person's own endeavors arid ability, fourthly if it emanating from the middle of the palm indicates success in youth, fifthly originating from Defensive Mars, shows that person is an able public speaker who gains fame for his oratory, sixthly if this line originates from the Head Line, it is indicative of success at the age of 35 in the fields of philosophy, mathematics or science; lastly if it arises as a branch of Heart Line, it is an indication of a successful marriage. Vertical lines on the Mount of the Sun indicates success after the age of 55, one or two such lines are considered auspicious. If there is no Line of Sun, the person does not gain fame in spite of his efforts and talents that he possesses.

* Line Of Mercury - It is called the Line of Health and some other author call it a Line of Business. If the Line of Mercury emanates from the Mount of Venus and cuts the Lifeline to reach the Mount of Mercury, it indicates that the person will progress during that period when the Line of Mercury crosses the Life Line. A broken Line of Mercury indicates ill health. and if the Life Line is also broken, then ill- health is confirmed. The little Finger, which represents the Mount of Mercury and the mount itself indicate how clever a person is. The mount of Mercury also indicates business acumen or the ability to study science or engage in research. If the Line of Mercury starts from the Mount of Moon and is well-defined, it indicates excellent health for the individual, if it is shallow wide and broken, it indicates ailments of the digestive system or liver.

* Marriage Line - It is called the Line of Marriage, it is present at the horizontal lines on the outer edge of the Mount of Mercury. They count these lines and say that the number of marriage or love affairs would be equal to the number of these Lines. It is also known as Line of Sexuality. the firmness or prominence of the mount of Venus indicates the amount of sexuality a person possesses but these lines near the Mount of Mercury actually indicates sexuality. If the Line of Sexuality is near the Heartline it is an indication of early marriage and if it is far then it indicates of late marriage. if there are more then 3 lines then it represents the person is Flirt and if there are two lines then it means, a person usually learns from its mistake.

* Disclaimer : Most of the content is taken from Palmistry by Chiero and Palmistry by Prof Dayanand.

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