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Learn old Palmistry part 1

This is Palmistry which is known from Past few Time and some part of this palmistry is true and some of it is a winder. Due to its Structure which enables different Planet having a place in Hand which somewhat try to resemble more like Astrology which is not right, Palmistry is much more different from what I heard or learned as giving places to different Planets with no proper methodology that make it wrong which make most of the population does not believe in it as it tries to misguide more than letting anyone know about its true nature. I believe there are some mediocre who tries to misguide Humanity to know their true nature/essence, I don't know who are they but I know that much that something is missing which someone Big or in Higher Place wants to erase or jumble-up so that Human Being instead of knowing their true nature running behind "so-called" learned person. In Present, it is said that knowledge of Palmistry is not for General/Normal people rather it is for people who hold a high position in Religion, or who left every worldly pleasure behind to gain Knowledge, then I have a question why does not God give Lines to only those people, why every person in Existence have Lines in their Hand, if Humanity have those lines then they even have the right to know what does that means. Whatever should be the Palmistry, if there are every type of Human Beings on Earth ranging from Great to No-Mind with Lines on their Hand then it is not just Mind which determines what those Lines say, it is the Feeling and Common Sense which enable Anyone to know about Everyone. I am not Saying that I know everything about Palmistry but I am the person who believes that everyone has the right to know about there unknown Nature, which starts from knowing your Hand i.e. Map of our self in short which is given by Almighty/ Natural Selection to us to know our-self better and to complete the task which we are destined to, this is not said to demean anyone but it is for a greater cause which loudly says "Let me know who I am and what I meant for rather I am Wide or Narrow Thinker as I am Same in Eyes of My GOD or Natural Selector in case of an Athiest". Why I giving details for an Athiest because it might be possible that Son does not praise his Father but Father can never stop thinking good for his Son.

* Brief Summarization of Old Palmistry :
a) Right and Left Hand - It is a Common myth that if you are a Male then your Right Hand should be Read and if you are Female then your Left Hand should be Read.

b) The Thumb – Thumb is the most important line of all fingers, at the Base of Thumb lies Mount of Venus but Thumb does not represent the Qualities of Mount of Venus but it represents the Higher intelligence in a Man. The thumb of Normal length represents the normal development of Brain. A short Thumb represents less development of Brain. The person with longer than normal Thumb is talented and crave for Power. Thumb has two Phalanges - the first is indicative of a person's will power and the second is capacity for thought and analysis.

c) Sign on Palm - There are different types of Sign on Hand which are Cross, Star, Square, Triangle, Island, etc
* Cross - When two Lines cross each other, a Cross is formed. If it is present on the Mount of Jupiter it is propitious but become inauspicious if found at other places.
* Star - When more than two Lines cross each other, a Star is formed. If the Star is on the Mount of Jupiter, it is positive Sign just like Cross and auspicious if found at other places too.
* Square - If 4 Lines intersect each other in such a way as to form a rectangular shape, it is called a Square. It is also considered Auspicious as it removes an obstacle caused by that Mount or Line.
* Triangle - Formed by 3 Lines intersecting each other and considered as Auspicious.
* Island - when a Line spit and then joins to form an Island and considered bad wherever found.
* Grill - when 3 or more vertical Lines cross 3 or more horizontal Lines forms Grill, it is usually bad Sign but considered good when found over Mount of Venus.

d) Mount on Palm - If the apex of the Mount is protruding, it is considered Developed and if there is no bulge at the apex it is considered Under-Developed.
* Mount of Jupiter - It lies at the Base of the Index Finger. This Mount indicates the characteristics of Leadership, Egotism, Ambition and the desire of Respect.
* Mount of Saturn - It lies at the Base of the Middle Finger. This Mount indicates the characteristics of Soberness, Stability, Self - Control, Love for Solitude, Good Planners and can be Introvert.
* Mount of Sun - It lies at the Base of the Ring Finger. This Mount indicates the characteristics of Prominence, Hope, Zeal, Enthusiasm, desire for Fame.
* Mount of Mercury - It lies at the Base of the Little Finger. This Mount indicates the characteristics of a good level of Common Sense, quality of Businessmen, Public Speakers, and the capacity of Research.
* Mount of Mars - This Mount indicates the characteristics of Courage, Bravery, and Fortitude.
1) Aggressive Mars - It lies between the Mount of Jupiter and the Mount of Venus as the Lower Mars. This area is considered extremely Hot. He is considered an open-hearted person
2) Defensive Mars - It lies between the Mount of Mercury and the Mount of Moon as the Upper Mars. A Person whose Defensive Mars is slightly raised does not lose courage in worst of circumstances.
* Mount of Venus - This Mount is situated at the base of the Thumb, near the wrist. This Mount indicates the characteristics of Sexuality, Sympathy, Love, Warm-Heartedness, Vitality, and Generosity.
* Mount of Moon - This Mount is situated on the palm just above the Wrist. It lies below the Defensive Mars. This Mount indicates the characteristics of Creativity, Cool-Headed, having less Enthusiasm and Zeal.

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