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What is Heaven or Nirvana, Hell, Reincarnation and Afterlife ?

To understand heaven, hell, afterlife and reincarnation you have to first understand what is Yin (Bhakti) and Yang (Shakti) which is also referred as Ida and Pingala or Conscious and Sub-Conscious or Left and Right side/Mind. Here Yin or Ida or Sub-Conscious represent Guru Vishnu or The Moon or Guru Karma in increasing order and Yang or Pingala or Conscious part represent Guru Shankara or The Sun or Guru Shiva in the same manner. Out of this 3 respective companion each has their own Heaven and Hell but the real Heaven and Hell follow Yin – Yang made by Guru Karma and Guru Shiva, The Ida/Yin/Bhakti energy is a more feminine energy, being nurturing and cooling. This energy is connected to the left nostril and is associated with the Moon and the color white. On the other hand, the Pingala/Yang/Shakti energy is masculine, associated with the sun, the right nostril, and the color red. Pingala is considered masculine as it is associated with more logical and analytical aspects of our personality i.e. our Conscious Mind, while the more feminine energy of Ida is concerned with emotions and feelings i.e. our Sub-Conscious Mind. The idea of a chakra (forms 4th realm of our Body within us which is later described in Topic Body{ies}) comes from the points on the spine where these dual energies cross over each other, creating a wheel of spinning energy.

Out of this 3 type of Heaven and Hell formed by 3 companion/s of Yin - Yang, first one is an illusionary concept which is made by Guru Vishnu and Guru Shankara (who reside in our atmosphere). It is made on the concept of real Heaven and Hell but it is the dummy, it is mainly for the people/crowd who have the shallow observation. Secondly, Heaven and Hell made by the companion i.e. The Sun and The Moon, which can be seen by our naked eye and understand by any learned person, it is for the person who believes that whatever we do, either right or wrong we will be getting fruit in this life only and according to their actions they feel Heaven and Hell in their own Body, if they do good Karma/s they live a happy and satisfactory life and if they do bad karma/s they live sad or hard life. Thirdly when anyone goes beyond our Solar System or gain insight which makes them feel Real God then he follows the Yin - Yang made by Guru Karma(Bhakti) and Guru Shiv(Shakti), then according to his deeds he either enter into Heaven or gets stuck in our universe* (as a star) which is the adobe of AUM. By reaching this level you won't be looking for Heaven or Hell, it will be transformed to either achieving Nirvana or get stuck in our universe for taking reincarnation and go for next attempt. I guess I explained the concept of Heaven and Hell along with the state of achieving Nirvana(for which we all take Birth again and again but the con is that we get lost with worldly possessions leaving everything on God and get dragged in our path slowly). What I learned reading my palm, again and again, is that circle/whorls at the tip of our fingers and palm says loudly that getting relieved/achieving Nirvana is should be the only aim of our life to take next step (which I don't know what will be), I believe the story doesn't end here, but it is just a beginning.

Finally, what Re-Incarnation and Afterlife is, Re-incarnation is the middle stage of anyone existence from his/her beginning till the end which is achieving Moksha, in starting it is quite frequent taking Re-incarnations but as we move forward or get dragged by God in the positive direction, frequency of Re-incarnation get slow and it can follow zig-zag manner depending on our actions in our last Life and Afterlife is the period after death till the next Reincarnation, there will be different After-life after every Reincarnation until we get connected to our Higher Being in any Incarnation or in any Afterlife and when we get connected to our Higher being, the next step is to get Moksha or Nirvana.

Why at this time(end of kalyuga) we got blocked, meaning we are not able to see ourselves going in the right direction, we feel we are stuck and this is because we are just following Yang nature of existence which is Conscious part of existence represents Power and feeds on Fear and not feeling our Subconscious part which is Yin nature of ourselves who represent Devotion and feed on Love . As we are more of a God-Fearing person instead of being a God-Loving person, which makes our existence to follow him i.e. Yang nature of existence which is Guru Shiv which represent Power, He made the dynasty(i.e. Aum) including Maya, Yog-Maya, and Maha-Maya who created Illusion which makes us Believe that Guru Shiv(Yang nature of existence) is the only Master or god which is not true and result of which we got unbalanced, as we are not seeing our Yin Nature who is Guru of Karma, give us fruit according to our deed/s and totally Devoted to his God. For proper growth and Evolution we need both including Power and Devotion otherwise we will be following only one or none and get stuck, as there will no correct flow of Energy and we will fall without any prior intimation. For the proper working of existence, Yin and Yang should be correctly balanced or we will fall without appropriate balance. Get awake OR ready to face consequences which will not be Good, but I hope for best.

* There are multiple Universe/s in our existence called as Multiuniverse or Multiverse

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