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I am saying it new age palmistry because it is quite different from what I learned from old palmistry books, I first studied Palmistry then I learned Chakras forming our Energy Body and different type of Bodies we possess, with due time I realized that they all are connected and it gets easy to learn Hand when you have brief idea of Chakras as our Hand have lines which relate to Chakras we possess. Since now we didn't understand Hand in its full potential because it got twisted after 3 main Lines, as these 3 main Lines represent our penetration within Nature by 2nd, 3rd, and, 4th Chakra but after going further 4th chakra, we designated 5th, 6th, and, 7th Chakra by Secondary Lines which is wrong.

Reading Hand is Simple if you know why and how(with what pattern) it was made, it is quite simple, you can understand both of the Hand as Ida or Pingala, Yin or Yang, and Conscious or Subconscious part, it is not like Right Hand is for Male and Left Hand is for Females, actually Right Hand is your Conscious Part and Left Hand is Subconscious Part (most of the times), it will be easy to read Hands if you see both of it together and when we combine both Hands, Sushumna Nadi runs in between or where both Hands get joined.

Now knowing the Concept because of which we have hands with Lines and Signs representing real evolution among us. Whorls and Circles within our Hands formed by Micro-Lines (which is the base of Finger-Printing) are the Exit point from which we get liberated from these World/Existence, I exactly don't know what happens next to it, either we move to Heaven or we are just leveled up like in Games. As there are 3 basic way to get liberated which I discussed earlier and will discuss later too, I guess which decides what will be our Faith but I am sure of that, we took birth with this Human Body to get relieved by any of the Exit Point we possess in our Hand and Feet.

To understand Palmistry better we have the starting point which is where our journey will end, so basically our search run around these points, now as the tip of every finger have those points so better to start from the tip of Thumb which is quite different from other fingers of Hand and can be the starting point. Both Thumbs represent the conscious and subconscious part of our fetal and early time of life respectively, during which period we live a different world when we sleep and when we are awake, we don't even think what dream means and even we don't care much in the awake state, we just live life to its fullest but there are some great beings who at this time use to have connection between their conscious and subconscious part. The element for this part is Metal and it is better if the thumb is more opposable representing more flexibility in our physical body.

Now move to the 2nd part of Hand during which we evolve more, start knowing himself better but during this time too we don't try to connect our conscious and subconscious part. For us, our conscious part is far away from our subconscious part which is represented by Mount of Venus of both Hand and these part is covered by Life Line. This Life-Line is just a boundary for our 2nd part, till which the life is almost the same for everyone, and everyone usually posses the same pattern of Hand till then. The element for this part is Earth and It is better if this part of the Hand have Squares or Rectangles made by vertical and horizontal lines representing proper cultivation of life.

After this our 3rd part of Hand or 3rd Chakra starts which make a great contribution to our Life because this is the Time from when we start taking a decision which is majorly depicted by Headline and this is the time when actually our Consciousness and subconsciousness meet for the first time. The element of this part is Water. If the Headline goes straight than he is having more Common Sense than Imagination and is it get curves toward downwards then he is more Imaginative then using Common Sense. This is the area where most of the population lives in, which will be around 65- 70% of the total population, and beyond these, we have 4 options (which will be discussed later in this section). This is the part where even Gurus/Idols fight to take control of majorly includes Guru Vishnu(one of the Minister of AUM dynasty) and Guru Karma or Guru Deed(the difference between them is similar to difference between Consciousness and Subconsciousness); the actual one who cares for this part is Guru Karma that is why it is said "KARMA HI POOJA HAI" meaning 'Our deeds is only worship' instead of literally doing Pooja of any Guru/Idol. This is the stage at which we decide the path for our Destiney, First and worst is that we do nothing as till then we believe we lived our life and there is nothing beyond that and we run behind different Gurus/Idols to take care of himself, if anything good happens then they praise their designated Guru/Idol or if anything bad happens they curse them, actually they are of no one, not even themselves, for which Guru Karma has said Our deed is our worship, means do your part instead of asking for help 'always' or cursing 'other' and you will be rewarded with appropriate fruit. Secondly, (the condition for which is Lifeline and Headline starts together) we have an option of retrograde ourself means going back in Time in our Mind and re-evaluate himself till the core by continuous contemplation of their past and by winning themselves (chances for this is also less).

Thirdly, as a result of our good deed which is judged by Guru Karma under the guidance of Supreme Being, we are connected to our Higher Soul which is represented by Star at the Mount of Jupiter(according to old palmistry), if Star is there just be happy or relaxed you are really blessed as you are in the path of Liberation without much fight and you are blessed to be connected to your bigger self. As Guru of Karma is really dear to Supreme Being and due to the reason he is placed over the position which is most important in the existence of Humanity, 'because of which the word AUM come into light or in power'. Due to the undue benefit to Guru Karma for letting anyone gets connected to his Higher Self referring as a shortcut, escaping the person from the whole process, other higher Gurus form a union which is known as AUM in today's world. AUM is not designated to any single Guru/Idol but it is the group of Gurus including Guru Moon, Guru Sun, Guru Adi-Shakti and Guru Shiva, who have their respective adobe and Place in existence but that undue benefit to Guru Karma make them unite and create a Maya/Illusion which is not really easy to penetrate and don't let the common people realize the truth.

Fourthly is the way for Over-enthusiastic people or Real Player or for an Adventurous personality and this way is a Chakravyuh or Labirynth which is made combinedly by Higher Gurus including Moon, Sun, Adi-Shakti, and Shiva; in which Guru Shiva is presentation of King, Guru Adi-Shakti is the representation of Queen, Guru Sun and Guru Moon possess other higher place; and Guru Moon is impregnated by Guru Maya, YogMaya and MahaMaya in which Guru Maya guide Guru Brahma, Guru Yog-Maya guides Guru Vishnu, and Guru Maha-Maya guides Guru Shankara. All these Higher Gurus of AUM have their own liberation point means they have the power to relieve you or let you have Nirvana but crossing this Labirynth as a whole is a real tough Job and kind of impossible but a real Player(who is there in our existence) make it possible just like a piece of cake. I am explaining this in detail because I want you to know even though you enter in this labyrinth with over-enthusiasm and after entering in it you didn't find your way out then it's better to take pause at any level and instead of moving further just try to understand yourself and your surrounding at that point just like if you fall in the river instead of flowing with the flow till the end(if you can then it would be great) or just try to reach by Riverbank, as I told earlier each and every Higher Guru of AUM have their own liberation point, if you are Lucky or if you have any talents within yourself you can get liberated from there which will depend on the essence you lived or played. The base for entering in this Labirynth is made in this 3rd part of Hand. In this part, the base for Higher Chakra or Part is formed; which includes Line of Sun or Line of 5th part/Chakra or 'Line of Mercury'(according to old Palmistry) and Line of Adi-Shakti(our Divine Mother) or Line of 6th part/Chakra or 'Line of Sun'(according to old palmistry), Line of Shiva(our Divine Father or The Holy Spirit) or Line of 7th part/Chakra or'Line of Saturn' (according to old Palmistry), and at last Star at 'Mount of Jupiter'(according to old Palmistry) which connect one to his Higher Being.

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