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Mental Body

Mental body with Mental Seed in Pineal Gland and type of Mental Bodies?

The Third Body in our self is Mental Body or conscious body which is the combination of 3 Bodies known as
a) Lower Manas,
b) Higher Manas,
c) Buddhic Body.

It is the vehicle of expression for intellect, ideas & thoughts. It is the Body which enables a talented person to perform Telepathy. It is the Body in which Seed of Consciousness exists, this Seed is also known as Mental Permanent Seed which is embedded in Pineal Gland, it is represented as Golden Circle in the image of Great Gurus and Saints. If it is activated, able to store a large collection of Knowledge - about Lower Realm of the World in the form of reason and logic, because of Lower Manas which is a part of Personality and about the Higher Realm of World because of Higher Manas which is the home of innovation, imagination, and invention. This Mental Permanent Seed act as a storage device which contains information about our past Lives and also called with the "Blue Pearl". A Highly developed clairvoyant can read this but it requires a long time of practice and precision. This Seed looks like a small indigo blue grain which relates to our Stars in the Sky and Blue Sky relates to Atma or Soul, in short, if we realize our real Soul or we reach till that level then we become Stars when our Living Body Dies but the Heaven comes after that when we go beyond our self-existence and we are ready to Merge within Supreme Being. It is the body which usually Angels, Higher Beings, Great Gurus And Good Saints possess. This Mental Body is nurtured by Cerebro-Spinal Fluid in our Body, which provides food and ambiance to our Mental Body. The Third type of Mental Body i.e. Buddhic Body is the place of Spiritual Love & Wisdom, it is the vehicle of Spiritual Self because of this body we are able to achieve Samadhi and be in Trance state all the Time. These 3 Bodies in Mental Body is represented by last 3 Fingers in both of our Hand which includes Little, Ring and Middle Finger in the increasing order of length as the 3 Bodies grow one after one. From the term Mental or Manas(which means reason, logic, innovation, imagination, etc) and due to the movement of this Fingers in to and fro motion(from one end to another end) I came to the two proverbs which are as follows "We will either find a way, or make one!" and "By hook, or by crook" meaning to complete any Work there will be chances that we will follow both True/s(one end) and Lies(another end), what I want to say is that lying is not wrong until unless it is not creating the negative Karma. A lie has the same weight as a Truth but you should be knowing how to properly balance it. According to me, it is not likely to be a total straight shooter or a total liar but try to find a middle way giving importance to both of it. Lastly, to Heal diseased Mental Body(like racing toughts, listening voices, hallucinations, etc), Meditation which is taught by a large number of institutions in modern world, can be the mode of treatment which can help.

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