To understand God in a better way, first of all, you have to understand The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit, and The GOD, which in Hindu religion is Sat i.e. Preserver, Tat i.e. Creator, Aum i.e. Destroyer and The Ishwar, in Muslim religion it is 7,8,6 and The ALLAH . The second topic in God & Religion is Maya which is later divided among Maya, YogMaya, and MahaMaya (as mentioned by Guru Budhha), who work under the guidance of The Holy Spirit, who is the Sentinel of the Heaven. The Holy Spirit preferred with bad names in many religion because of his action(which will be discussed in topic God & Religion) but due to his loyalty to GOD and his purity he is the one who can't be defamed. So be connected and read in detail in God & Religion section .



GOD and Religion 1.1

What is God, Religion, Spirituality, Atheist, Agnostic ?

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Adam and Eve

GOD and Religion 1.2

Which is the first Religion made by Adam and Eve. & Why in present we don't realize our Real GOD and searching God in every other Higher Being?

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GOD and Religion 1.3

What is God, Gurus, Sages, Saint, and Teacher?

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GOD and Religion 1.4

What is Heaven or Nirvana, Hell, Reincarnation and Afterlife ?

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Father Son and Holy Spirit

GOD and Religion 1.5

Who are the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and the God?

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GOD and Religion 1.6

What are Aum and his dynasty & why is the Holy Spirit is considered as God? Who is Maya, Yogmaya, and Mahamaya?

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GOD and Religion 1.7

Who are deities mainly Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and where they exist? What are Temples?

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