GOD and Religion 1.2

Adam and Eve

Which is the first Religion made by Adam and Eve.

The first Religion made on earth for Humans are Humanity which meant thinking of others as self, no discrimination between ourselves, we are all one and we altogether serve God as one just like acting as one Organ in the Body, which later changes to unlimited religions causing discrimination and anguish among us. Now at present when I see Human Being they fight each other for the BEING who they don't even know, they just heard/read in their Religious Books that this BEING is Supreme. If Supreme Being is One and all Religions follow the same Supreme Being then how they can fight among themselves. This made me come on conclusion the BEING under whose guidance Religions are made are not same. Earlier in last topic I said that Religion is like different organs in our body who work altogether serving the Supreme Being but in starting all humans were the same organ for example Stomach or Heart who worked together with other aspects of Universe that can be other solar systems representing other organs of Body, but as Human population rose with diversities in their nature, God send essence of whole Universe on Earth creating different Religions in the same place like different Organ/s cohabitate together making this Earth a representation of Unit similar to himself. Even though there is a catch, all other Religion is created by different kind of Personalities/Superhuman(s) i.e. made up of different value of all Elements (for example water, air, earth, fire, metal, etc. just like in RGB color theory in which there are around 17 lakhs colors made up of shades of red, green and blue ) of Existence but in the end they all represent the same GOD i.e. Our Supreme God. At last people of different Religion who are the follower of different Superhuman/s (with the different value of Elements) fight because of difference in their nature due to the essence of their Medium-ship (i.e. their Super-human guide) but in the end, they all are the child of same God. So STOP fighting in the name of Religion as our Father/s can be different but our Grand-Father is same.

Why in present we don't realize our real God and searching God in every other Higher Being even Human-being?
Ans ) There are two postulates for this:- Firstly, this is the period of Kali-Yuga which means Age of Darkness ( just like 4 season changes on Earth due to tilt on its axis, travels in a loop around the Sun each year, similarly there exist 4 Yuga's on earth makes a cycle due to revolution of our Solar System in Milky Way Galaxy, when our Solar System lies nearest to the center of Milky Way Galaxy, it is Sat-Yuga and when it is farthest away from center of Milky Way Galaxy, it is Kaliyuga. After each Kali-Yuga, again Kali-Yuga comes {in this cycle new Kali-Yuga began from 2013} followed by Dwapar-Yuga, Treta-Yuga and then Sat-Yuga{when our Solar System reaches near to Milky Way Galaxy} again which further proceeds by Sat-Yuga, then Treta-Yuga, then Dwapar-Yuga, then Kali-Yuga) and when we are in Darkness we lose the ability of Vision similarly we can't see clearly in Night, but the thing which no one can't take away from us is Feeling. We continue to Feel even in the absence of Vision, so when we move forward at this moment, we believe on others soon instead of understanding his/their intentions. I am not saying that all of Higher Being or Human-Being considered as God aim for wrong but giving your faith in any one hand without knowing his/their intentions is not right, as they can use you for their good, which make you feel USED in the end. I feel Kali-yuga would be the best time if there were one religion because we would be believing in one God and serving Humanity, even though we can't see clear and we Trust and Love each other easily and it would be the time of Love and Faith all around. It can be done now as I earlier said, might be our Medium/Father to The Supreme Being is different but our Grand-Father i.e. Supreme –Being is same, it's just the matter of Belief and Vision which can be improvised. Why even I added this Topic, because I am Hindu by Religion and in my Religion there are 33 million God/s and I believe only in ONE but the most devastated part is that he is not included in that 33 million as in my Religion highest position is given to Guru Shiva who is the largest Sentinel of heaven but sadly no God.
Secondly, some Greater Being/s created Illusion around Supreme-Being with Layers and layers with or without His Will, so finding Him could be a riddle. For example, precooked Meal can be Good or Bad but Meal made by you with proper technique will mostly be Good, similarly, if you find him without struggle his value can be Less or More but found after the struggle is felt Good, at least in my case. There are an unlimited number of God in Existence (including your Higher Self, as you are mirror-image of Supreme-Being) but it's totally up to you till what level you end your journey of Self-Realization. In the end, grapes can be sour and your remaining journey can carry forward to next life/lives, so first try to connect yourself to your Higher being or transform your ego to your super-ego to ease your effort/s.

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