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Who are deities mainly Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and where they exist? What are Temples?

The adobe of Guru Brahma is in the Troposphere of our Atmosphere and he is under the guidance of the first part of the Illusion, he is given a home as Lord over the Mount of Venus in our Hand (according to old Palmistry, which is the representation of 2nd Chakra), which is not true. Actually, he is just a Good Spirit, who is given the role of the creator in our human existence, who works under the guidance of Maya.

Secondly, Guru Vishnu, he resides in the Stratosphere of our Atmosphere and he protects us from Ultra-Violet rays by the presence of Ozone layer in him because of which he is considered Preserver, who work under the guidance of Yog-Maya, he is given a home as Lord over the Mount of Mars and Moon(according to old Palmistry, which is the representation of 3rd Chakra), even which is not true. He is the one with a great name in the world of Illusion because he is trying to replace the Guru of Karma, who himself represent the real Yin nature of existence, it is the point in our life when we have to decide our destiny by taking any one of the 3 paths, either going back to realize yourself under the guidance of Guru of Metal i.e. center of earth who is misguided by Guru Ganesh or get connected to your Higher Being by the blessings/judgement on the base of your deeds by Guru Karma(i.e. why it is said Work is Worship), or by entering into Labyrinth made by Gurus of AUM (in which person enters with full enthusiasm but usually get lost and start asking help from Guru/s of AUM{who made that labyrinth} and if they help, that person start feeling they are the only God and when they don't they start calling him with bad names including Satan, which is not right as you are the one who took that path instead of thinking of its consequences, but if you clear that chakravyuh or labyrinth, you will be a totally different person which you did not even think of, as you will enter the world of Heaven with the blessings of God). I am explaining all the 3 way because, next time you don't say why and how I got there, I didn't even know what path to took and which path will be best for me, as I said earlier I can show you the path but you have to walk for your own destiny. At last in my Religion, it is said it is bad to opt for all 3 paths by the proverb TEEN TIGADA KAAM BIAGADA.

Thirdly, Guru Shankara , he resides in the Thermosphere of Atmosphere and he is under the guidance of the third part of the Illusion i.e. Maha-Maya (who is also known as Maha-Kali), he is given a home as Lord over the Mount of Sun, Saturn, and Mercury in our Hand(according to old Palmistry, which is the representation of 4th Chakra), even which is not true. He is said to govern the Heart chakra for which he is made like that, he is called with the name like BholeNath as he is easily pleased but He is also called with the name of Rudra-Shiva because of his short-Temper. He is the incarnation of Shiva(Highest position among Gurus of AUM) who is placed in earth atmosphere for the representation of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost as Illusion, which is just image of the real picture which I discussed earlier. Here The Father is Guru Vishnu, The Son is Guru Brahma and The Holy Ghost is Guru Shankara. Anyway,Heart Chakra is really governed by Guru Moon who is impregnated by Maya, Yog-Maya, and Maha-Maya to create Illusion.

Temples are the place in our society from where we connect yourself to the Higher being to whom we want to connect mainly to the deity we worship. In Temple, there is the image of diety(with essence/energy of the same), get connected to you or temple as temple/s have Dome which direct energy from the building of the temple to his/her adobe. It is similar to the process how we get connected to our Higher Self, we have 8th Chakra in the form of small drop 3-5 inch above the top of our Head/Physical Body, that small drop is like Dome to our Physical body, which directs our energy to our Higher Self, that is what the reason Sikh/Punjabi community wear Turban which enables to make Physical Dome for Human Body or Our real Temple. According to me, there is no Temple other than our Human Body, instead of going to any Temple, start treating our own Body as Temple, with Supreme Being as God and Your own Higher Self as your Real Guru. I ensure you, if you start following this concept you won't feel bad ever and you will realize Heaven in your own self. Way to get connected to your Higher Self and easiest way to get Nirvana, since birth till the age around 18 - 21 we don't require spiritual guidance(which come from our own decisions) till that time we just enjoy our life and don't think of right and wrong and we just do what we feel is right(it can be morally wrong but we are not judged till then) and after that when we start asking question from ourself that what I did is/was right or wrong, since then the time starts from when we begin judged by Guru Karma and we get fruits according to our deed/s(i.e. why it is said faith of child is in hands of Parents in starting but anyone can make his destiny on his own if he/she wants to). The best way to get connected to your Higher Being and later get Moksha is to do the righteous deed from day 1 of judgment i.e. from when we start asking questions from ourself, believe me, you won't be ever sorry in your Life.

Thanks for Reading, this was the last topic in my list of God and Religion, kindly Donate a minimum of any Spiritual Book costs if you felt like you learned anything, I will be using the extra amount for the welfare of Being who is lost in the search of his Destiny. Best wishes.

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