To understand it better, I start from basic as Blood Vessel with Blood inside it carry Oxygen and Nutrient to every cell of Human Body helps in regulating Physical body which contain Physical Seed; Lymph vessel with Lymph which carries protein(can be hormones), fluids and lipids all over body helps in regulating Astral body which contain Emotional Seed; Nerve Vessel with Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF), which carry electric impulses to every cell of Human Body helps in regulating Mental body which contain Mental Seed i.e. Blue pearl; Similarly there is Energy Body which regulates Prana through Chakras and connect to our Higher being and then there is The Supreme Body connecting to Supreme Being.. There is the total of five bodies in which we live, represented by 5 fingers of one hand.



5 Bodies 1.1

3 Permanent Seeds, 3 Silver cord combinedly k/a Spiritual Cord and Antahkarana cord (i.e. bridge of light)?

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Physical Body

5 Bodies 1.2

Physical body with Physical seed in Heart ?

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Astral Body

5 Bodies 1.3

Astral body/Emotional body with Emotional Seed in Spleen ?

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Mental Body

5 Bodies 1.4

Mental body with Mental Seed in Pineal Gland and type of Mental Bodies?

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5 Bodies 1.5

Chakral body/ Atmic Body / Soul ?

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Supreme Body

5 Bodies 1.6

Supreme body with Antahkarana cord i.e. bridge of Light ?

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