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What are Aum and his dynasty & why is the Holy Spirit is considered as God? Who is Maya, Yogmaya, and Mahamaya?

Aum is not referred to any single deity or guru but it is a group of Guru's which include Guru Shiv, Guru Adi-Shakti, Guru Sun, and Guru Maya, Yogmaya, & Mahamaya impregnating into Guru Moon who forms the chakravyuh/labyrinth to get Nirvana/Moksha (which is depicted by the top dot in the image of AUM, if you pass in all of their riddles). Three lines in Aum represent Maya, Yog-Maya, and Maha-Maya, out of which top one denotes Maya, middle line to Yog-Maya and third line to Maha-Maya (which impregnates into Guru Moon as illusion and symbolize line of Mercury, Sun, and Saturn according to old Palmistry). Now the 3/4th circle which is behind three lines and face toward 3 lines represent the Guru Sun and have the legacy of relieving anyone(giving Moksha), if he wants to or anyone sticks to that essence till the end i.e. why it is said if you made a Guru stick to him till the end. Then the Half Moon which is above 3 lines and circle represents The Milky Way Galaxy in our existence known by the name Guru Adi-Shakti, who is like Queen in Chess and have the power of relieving anyone or giving Moksha if she likes to or again anyone sticks to the essence till the end. Lastly, the Dot at the top of AUM represents our Universe known by the name Guru Shiva, who is like King in the Chess(but not GOD) and made his dynasty to prove himself worthy among Human Being because of that kind he was banished from Heaven and he denied to his GOD for bowing in front of any such kind. I have 2 topics to share at this instance, firstly it is not likely to get Moksha after clearing the whole riddle made by Gurus of AUM, you can find your destination in between, by sticking to any of the Guru or Essence, so it will be a misnomer to think that if you entered in Labirynth you have to go till end. Secondly, I would like to add that it is not right to compare other members of Sentinal in the matter of size, as everyone has different quality and is worthy to be considered equal on the base of their effort for the maintenance of this existence, it won't be right comparing Guru Shiva to Guru Moon, as Guru Moon might be smaller in size to Guru Shiva but it has more work to do for us comparing Guru Shiva, so my point is that every element has its own power and effect, but our work is to realize the element/s we are made of i.e. realizing our true self and co-relate to the essence of specific Guru/realm to achieve Nirvana or Moksha.

Maya (Sanskrit: “magic” or “illusion”) originally denote the magic power with which Gurus of AUM can make human beings believe in, what turns out to be an illusion. By extension, it later came to mean the powerful force that creates the cosmic illusion that the phenomenal world is real. Because of which Ego of an individual, i.e “mine”, and “yours”, are created and instead of connecting to our Higher Being, we revolve in this universe with the concept of ID, Ego, and Super-Ego(explained by Freud's) relating to Maya, Yog-Maya, and Maha-Maya respectively. And till when we gain our Consciousness and start feeling the concept of Ego, since then we enter into three option either get connected to our Higher Being and get Moksha peacefully, or go back in Past and explore real Yourself and get Moksha or either enter in the riddles created by Higher Gurus of Aum which is manifested as Chakravyuh/labyrinth and get Moksha(which is depicted by the top dot in the image of AUM). Maya is said to reign in the three worlds – the physical, the emotional, and the mental by Guru Maya, Guru Yog-Maya and Guru Maha-Maya respectively out of which Guru Maya create Illusion over Being in sexual and aggressive drives related to physical needs, Guru Yog-Maya create Illusion over Love and emotional contexts, and Guru Maha-Maya over Moral conscience related to mental aspects. Guru Maya(lowest level of Illusion) do her work among Beings by its extension to Guru Brahma, deeds were done by Guru Maya and it is understood by Being that it is the work of Guru Brahma, similarly, Guru Yog-Maya does her work through Guru Vishnu and Guru Maha-Maya does it through Guru Shankara. So Guru Brahma, Vishnu, and Shankara(who reside in our Atmosphere) are just image portrayed on behalf of Guru Maya, Yog-Maya, and Maha-Maya respectively.

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