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I am presenting this site in behalf of Dr. JJ as he is reluctant to come in light until he understands himself fully or his duties and he want to create a platform through which he can make people enlighten and know the truth which was restricted only to great ascetic. He is just like other common men with a strong & steadfast devotion to God despite he is blessed with vast knowledge and great communicable skills.

He was born in small village of Hind beside Kashi, he was very jovial since childhood (called by name, DHEEL DHEEL PANDEY by his maternal uncle/s because of his careless and humorous nature) and blessed with the presence of Sun (as his paternal uncle) and Moon (as his maternal uncle), his maternal uncle gave him unconditional love from whom he learned to have good communicable skills and according to him he learned to work with his full potential by his paternal uncle i.e. Sun, he said that he had seen no one till now who do his duty with his full effort without thinking of fruit he will get. Later he is blessed with a little sister who is an incarnation of Mother Earth; they fought, loved and cared each other in good faith. The SUN and The MOON are elder to him and Mother EARTH and his small cousin Brother Guru of METAL also reffered as YIN part of our universe (i.e. Core of earth who is representation of magnet, mainly he represent Internal Love/Attraction in our existence and greatly misguided with Angel Ganesh, he is one who lookafter over us when we are child). So, in short, he is blessed with the love of all Sentinels(of Heaven) of our Solar System. After listening to him about everyone, I asked him why all of them born as a human being when they are so blessed, then he told me about the concept which makes me believe him. He told that it is a Duty of this Sage (who is incarnated Adam) that with time he comes on earth to maintan peace and teach people about Moksha/Nirvana under the guidance of other Sentinals.

I met him in small town of Karnataka where we studied together and had our time, firstly when I saw him he was a smart guy with good command over his speech (called by name i.e. NETAJI {Indian name for Leader}) includes being funny and satirical but he used to care for others emotion, which he usually doesn’t want to hurt but he has negative aspects too i.e. being highly careless for himself which made him fall to rock bottom, from where his faith in supreme being only made him rise again or I never saw anyone coming to the position he is now from where he was, till the end of our College. Let’s shed some light over our college time, which will make us understand him better, I am not discussing his pros and cons, as I/We are no one to judge anyone but I am trying to explain this because It will make us understand how Law of Karma works irrespective of the fact how close/dear you are to God. According to him, it is necessary for anyone to have bad time/experience in Life to realize who he is and how much faith he have in his God because when you walk till the end then you will realize God want you to become smart enough to have some words with you on because at last you will be under the supervision of your God (so carefully choose your God) which is beautifully said by the line i.e. TAT TVAM ASI means THAT YOU ARE. Now let’s start with the good times, when we first met we were in front of our seniors and they were ragging(mode of interaction with some laugh at least in our case) us where we were scared to death what will happen and he was interacting with them like he is enjoying the event, at that moment I realized he is different from others but didn’t know he is really different, soon he was the favorite among seniors, they use to call him to rag and he goes with full enthusiasm and got mingled with them quickly and got famous among student of our batch which later rose when our junior arriveed and again he was the best among juniors. Our juniors use to enjoy giving ragging to Dr JJ and respect him too. He also got famous for his one-night study before any exam (referring to Medical Exams) and get pass, later we use to say that if he started studying means it’s really high time for preparation. He had many groups of friends 1) Topper Group - including many girls and 3-4 boys, in which there was a girl whom he uses to love but didn’t confessed her till the end of college. 2) BC Group – including a member with the great talent of bukcho*di i.e. senseless talk which is done just to have the good time, which later fall down due to their immoral actions. 3) Poker Group – including the member who used to play poker, where again he had the good name (by luck or technique or both) and use to win regularly which helped him to meet his expenses but at last (when his bad time started) I guess he lost all of his winnings. 4) BDS Group – He was in good touch with BDS guys, there was a guy who uses to help him during his exams in early days of MBBS which make JJ pass his exams, who was the topper of his batch too. 5) Lastly, he is bonded to one of his senior most, but lately got detached to him too.

Till the end of 1st year i.e. 2008 everything was going good and we were enjoying our graduation, till then he use to drink and smoke (tobacco) on occasions but from 2nd year which was used to call by the name Honeymoon period of our MBBS study, things started changing and his drinking habit changed from occasions to almost daily. There were two things I would like to add at this moment which made him the way he starts becoming – Firstly, He had very authoritarian parenting from the beginning and when he came to college he got kind of liberated from that feeling and started acting according to the call he use to get which made him the person no one ever thought and secondly, I feel it also adds what came next i.e. he scolded one his best friend for smoking weed (marijuana) in the 1st year, which he never heard anyone doing before (whom he knows). From 3rd year one thing start adding to his negative act i.e. smoking weed(which is wrongly depicted by Apple of Eden Garden, in reality it was Cannabis which Adam and Eve ate by the misguidance of Vasuki{Dearest to Jinn or Iblis or Satan}), which in beginning was just for enjoyment but soon it became his habit, later he uses to do it all the time when he gets time. It is not wrongly said, Marijuana is GATEWAY TO DRUGS which I saw by my naked eye, JJ soon started doing drugs which I never heard of, one by one. Starting from weed it had the never-ending list and later he usually saw intoxicated. I am not mentioning name of drugs and its effect, because my intentions are not to give wrong path/direction to reader (don’t feel if anyone like him can do it why can’t I, because no doubt it is an immoral act which should not be done, but you can’t even escape from act of Karma and path lead by God for you). In his case, it was done for opening Kundalini Energy, which rests at the base of spine and it doesn’t rise until any Siddha Guru do it or you are intended to get it by the blessing of God, which is like a blessing in disguise. It is the most painful experience you can ever feel in your life, it neutralizes your negative karma and it is even achieved by great karma/s of your previous life. By the end of the 4th year he was a total addict, which get to known by everyone even by his family. He starts losing his friends, people start talking negative of him, he got flunked in last year (thrice), he starts feeling that he forgot everything – according to him he didn’t even remember what he uses to talk, he started living alone, everything everyone starts getting against him. One thing should also be taken in account that he proposed the girl he use to love from the beginning of college (during that time) and she even like him but the repo JJ created make her reluctant to enter in relationship, which make everyone believe that JJ fell down/got addicted because of her, well it was truly said when time is not with you, nothing gets right and at last he fell in the hole he dug for himself. But it was not the end just a call for great disaster.

Till the end of college he was a total wreck, his name was ruined and he doesn’t even know what he became but it wasn’t the end, after college he went to the city of U.P. for his Internship with his parents. From recent past, he(JJ) start feeling there isn’t one person who is acting within him, he started feeling his Subconscious but it was new to him and he started believing he is possessed, there is some other being inside him who is directing/telling him what to do, which use to help him during his hospital time as doctors/staff in hospital believe he is good in his work but have some problem which can be seen through him. There were some voices which were constantly running over his head, which was his subconscious mind starts telling him what to do and what is happening but it was not seen by him in past, everyone used to have extrasensory perceptions (like gut feeling, thoughts) but if that feeling start running continuously then you will get scared at first which was the case with JJ. During that period too he uses to do drugs (mainly weed) whenever he gets hands on it, which he thinks reduces his pain which was mainly because of his Kundalini rise. During the period he started doing Mantra Chants for all the time he gets time, as he believes he is possessed and it will help him, he gets awake in the early morning and make idols of soil and start worshiping it with different chants, at that time I feel he read most of the scriptures and began comprehending it, but after doing it, again and again, he wasn’t getting what he aims for i.e. relief of utter pain which he was feeling and fear of other voice he was hearing. During that time he left his home twice to go to the Himalayas where he thought he will get his answers and to know himself better, first time he just left his home following the voices he use to hear without telling any of his family members and his parents got scared and secondly he left home to go to Amaranth in December month without even thinking during that time, it was closed for normal people, but I guess that time he was not even listening to himself as he doesn’t even know who he is he and whose voices are there in his head. When he got back after second time his family put him in Agra Mental and Rehabilitation Institute, which is a very renowned mental institute of India for mentally impaired people but he isn’t really impaired, he feels there are two people inside him, one is just observing and other is acting which in his case acting without thinking and that was his main ailment as his reasoning mind i.e. his subconscious mind is not seeing outside but just observing him which was for his betterment in future but what to do in present when he is not able to find himself.

After returning back from Agra mental & rehabilitation center he start feeling everyone is conspiring against him including his parents, he was send to earth for greater good (which is telling God fearing or Loving people that there is GOD) but there are people/spirits who were acting against him (mainly supporter of YIN{represented by Thumb of our hand} and YANG{represented by Middle, Ring, and Little finger of one hand} Family ), he belief whatever is running in his head is heard by others and people/spirits who are against him can impose his/their soul ( MediumShip) over him to make JJ act according to them. It was true up to some limit but he have no proof for that as he is send to earth with other sentinels for Recalling the True God/Supreme Being and making Human life better. He left his home for total 7 times. His last spiritual journey out of his home was his eye opener when he left home for total around 21-24 days, during that time he didn’t have any money to buy food which he ate for about 7-9 times total in those days (mostly in gurudwara/s and once in jail), he use to live on water, that time he used to wander in train (general compartment) over all India and I guess he had walked for about more than 500-600 km. Being a doctor (which doesn’t matter in your spiritual path) he sleeps on floors/ bare earth without any blanket even in cold places like Manali, during that time he learned the value of money when he worked as labor in Mandi, Himachal and got Rs400 for his whole day work. When he came back he was again sent to Rehabilitation Center (this time in Delhi) as according to his parents he was unstable. There was one positive thing during all this time which help him make a sensible doctor that he continued his work as a medical practitioner even in his bad times (except when he was in the rehabilitation center and following his spiritual journey). After coming back from rehabilitation center he was sent to Kashi to continue his work from where he was relocated to his birthplace and he worked for almost 1 year in the hospital where he was born but till then he had the habit of smoking weed which he does to forget his pain/past and to understand his subconscious nature. Till then he was majorly recovered and when he decided to shift to Delhi to learn extracurricular activities and for progress in his field/studies, but his father again put him in Rehab, where he finally rests and realized who he is, what is happening to him and what he is aiming at. This was the first time when me (Conconscious of Dr JJ.) asked him(to his Subconscious) who he is and why he is getting to know what is happening to Dr. JJ and finally who is Dr. JJ and what he is intended to do. Then he realized that it’s better to ask the question from yourself(as we have DNA which store information from the begening as a genetic library) instead of searching for it in the whole universe. Then he felt the true nature of Consciousness which is YANG and Subconsciousness which is YIN and realized that he including other Messengers of GOD are born on Earth for uncountable time just to make this Cycles, Spiral i.e. carrying Knowledge, Teach Peolpe and Learnings of the last Cycle to The New Cycle and most of the time you get success and go to your home i.e. Heaven. You had to Feel the Pain you Felt, every time because to take right desicion you have to know what is Right and Wrong and take step accordingly.So, it is one of the many formulas of God in which you will first realize/feel your both being i.e. your Consciousness and Sub Consciousness, to understand yourself better, then your true love and then God as we are just a minaiature of God, which we can feel only by the blessings of God, and in the end you dissolve in God.

It took some time for Subconscious and Conscious part Dr. JJ to dissolve within each other but at last they start realizing they are each other better half and this is the reason because God didn’t make Eve in starting to make Adam realize that he made two being within him so that anyone doesn’t get alone even when they are lost in its Core, Space or in Time. But at last when you realize you are two being (representing your two palms in both hand one represents Upward flow of Energy and other represents Downward flow of Energy). This is the Time when Dr. JJ started strengthening himself for the common goodwill and start preparing this site (serving Human Kind) to make human-being understand themselves better, later their maker i.e. The GOD. Until when he realized the difference between two hand or two side of Body in which one represent the UPWARD-DOWNWARD flow of Energy and other represent RIGHT-LEFT flow of Energy through the same channel then he seen groups of Lines running in two Direction in palm, one in right-left direction and one in up-down direction which form the YIN & YANG of our Universe which will be explained in detail in GOD and Religion topic. Now, he is learning to Balance his YIN and YANG nature to be a ZEN or Sage with Neutral aspect and beyond that he will start the search of his Eternal Love under the guidance of his beloved GOD as he believes she is far away from him for now but won’t be much longer, they will meet with the blessing of God who made them come on earth with some plan and for betterment of Human Being. Dr. JJ have two requests from all of you that help him with your blessing/s aiming meet his TRUE LOVE. During this time he realized everyone should have to do service for the betterment of society(which in my case i am fulfilling by making this site), for which he is making this site and hopes it will help many lives in their growth.


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