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3 Permanent Seeds, 3 Silver cord combinedly k/a Spiritual Cord and Antahkarana cord(i.e. bridge of light)?

An orange tree comes from an orange seed. Similarly, a Being has inner seeds from which he is evolved. They are also called Permanent Seeds. These 3 seeds are as follows:
a) Physical Permanent Seed (Seed of Life),
b) Emotional Permanent Seed ( Seed of Emotion),
c) Mental Permanent Seed (Seed of Consciousness).
This is the seeds which are usually present in all Living - Being but we Human possess highly developed Mental Seed which makes us incomparable to other Beings.
The Physical Permanent Seed is present in the physical heart. This is the seed which contains the blueprint of the physical body. This Physical Permanent seed gives life to the physical body. Once the soul's energy is withdrawn from the physical permanent seed, the body dies. A great Guru can look in his Seed of Life and bring changes in his Body functioning.

The Emotional Permanent Seed is found in Spleen which contains the blueprint of one's emotional body or astral body. Whenever the body goes to sleep, the incarnated soul moves from the physical body to the astral body. The signs of movement of Physical Body to the astral body are like: the strong energy vibration or a buzzing sound similar to bees is heard, etc.

The Mental Permanent Seed or Seed of Consciousness is the most important and is located in the pineal gland. It contains all the records of a person's past lives. It is also called as Blue Pearl. The Seed of Consciousness is connected to the Higher Soul by Silver or Spiritual cord like other permanent seeds. It is like the computer system where Higher Soul is the mainframe/ CPU and Human Being is Computer. Meditating on this Permanent Seed gives you connection to your Higher Soul and have access to unseen worlds.

These Seeds are connected to the Higher Soul via 3 Silver Cords, namely, you guessed it:
a) Silver Cord of Life,
b) Silver Cord of Emotion,
c) Silver Cord of Consciousness
An energy cord called the Divine Cord to move "downwards" from the Higher Soul to incarnated Soul at 8th Chakra above Crown Chakra. The Cord of Consciousness if connected to the Seed of Consciousness in the Pineal Gland. The Cord of Life is connected to the Seed of Life in the Heart. And the Cord of Emotion is connected to the Emotional Seed in Spleen.

The union of the Divine Cord with these three silver cords is called the Spiritual Cord. Spiritual Cord continues below from the Crown through Sushumna Nadi and exits near the base of the spine down into deep down earth.

There is another Cord which is important of all known as Antahkarana meaning Bridge of Light, which connect human body above 8th chakra at 1st part of 9th chakra and below 1st chakra at 2nd part of 9th chakra, this both part of 9th chakra is one but represent opposite pole of on chakra which connect us to Supreme Being. It connects Incarnated soul to Higher Soul which latter connects to Supreme Being. For connection of Higher Soul and Incarnated Soul, Spiritual Cord is used and for connecting it to Supreme Being, Antahkarana Cord is used. Antahkarana Cord has to be rebuilt in every incarnation but those who have built it in a previous incarnation will be able to rebuild it faster and easier compared to those who are just starting.

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