This site is dedicated to balance karma & achieve nirvana/moksha i.e. relieving ourselves from the cycle of life and death to the place where our soul love to be, under the blessing of ISWAR or ALLAH or GOD, it is done by his will i.e. BHAKTI or by Good Karma or by Great Dedication, after which our journey takes a new turn but taking birth in this world with the map on hand i.e. practical palmistry, which says whorl/circle on the tip of finger of hand and foot means scoring goal in the game that is known as LIFE. There are usually 27 to 31 exit point(that you can count it by number of teeth you have or days in month you are born, that is the number you have for getting relieved) for a single individual to liberate from human being which makes us qualified enough based on the goal/s we scored or to the level we played this game, we can achieve moksha by scoring the minimum of 1 goals (out of 28 on average), which depend on the enthusiasm of play in our life. So first of all start playing/living either by winning heart of Ishwar or by doing good karma, instead of sitting back with loss of hope due to mishaps. Third way to achieve Nirvana is Full Dedication which arose by having full faith in your Guru (Major two Guru's includes The Purusha{i.e. RAM or ADAM} Or YANG nature of our universe and The Prakriti{i.e SITA or EVE} or YIN nature of our Universe ) and follow him till the end, which increase the depth-ness of your belief and help transforming this belief to the Ishwar when you get to know him by your Guru or by act of Karma.

I Dr JJ, am presenting my knowledge for learner who wish to understand himself, and later GOD mainly by describing Hands in different aspects which includes 1) Conscious/YANG and Subconscious/YANG nature of person and existence forming Religions, 2) Practical Palmistry, 3) Kind of Bodies we posess in detail including Chakras forming Energy body. This might help someone in his path of life or can hurt(if Ignorant) someone sentiment which I do not intend to do. So be with me and I believe I will make you realize/help know yourself better and how to achieve nirvana/moksha and True GOD. Lastly, don't take it on your ego, try to adjust/readjust it with your superego, it will help you understand better and make your karma clean.

** Heaven - There are 5 heavens exist in our universe, firstly within ourself, secondly on EARTH, thirdly made by Upward Flow of Energy, fourtly made by Downward Flow of Energy, and lastly that is fifth and the most important one made by GOD.

God & Religion

To understand God in a better way, first of all, you have to understand the creation of RNA in nature, before that he is present in Existence in the Different form of Energy but as for the first time he created RNA since then our creator was GOD and seen us grow infront of him in the form of DNA, Eukaryotic Cells, Multicellular Org.(performing Sexual reproduction),Deuterostomes and the first vertebrates, Land(Soil), Plants, Land invertebrates, Vertebrates, Birds, and laslty Mammals and with the evolution of Mammals, Religion came into existence, mainly by Upward Flow of Energy or Lines in UP-DOWN direction on palm and Right-Left Flow of Energy or Lines in North-South direction on palm(all major religion on earth belongs to these two sect forming a Balance in existence).

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Practical Palmistry

– It is the Art/Science of reading a person, telling person is more of a Male or Female nature, their character, duties and major/minor events in life, in short it is the map of your whole life which is presented in form of lines, signs and marks to make you understand what are you destined to do and who you are, It is important to learn palmistry for everyone because firstly one should know who (s)he is because before playing the game of life without knowing its rule(which in the game of life you will learn by reading your own hand), it is most likely that you are going to loose.

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6 Bodies

To understand the 6 different bodies we posess which again I related to Hand, according to which first one is the Bone (forming mineral constituent of body represents Earth) related to Thumb, Second one is lymphatics of Body (represents Plant Kingdom) showing direction of flow of energy in body related to Palm, Third one is Blood System (represents Animal Kingdom)which mainly concerns with Heart and represents Little Finger/Asura, Fourth One is Nervous System (represents Human Kingdom/Insaan) which is most evolved in Human Being and represents Ring Finger, Fifth one is Genetic System i.e. DNA/RNA (represents Soul/Atmic Body/Deva) which is represented by Middle Finger. As Blood < Nerve < Gene similarly related finger size increases and Gene is the only material which does not get burn by fire and retain in Soul after Death. Last and the sixth body is Energy Body forms by atom or Chakral System in our Etheric Body related to Index Finger.

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